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At Last – 2019 Predictions

Everyone does it and sometimes they’re interesting and sometimes they’re not. Not wishing to be left behind, or wanting to set my predictions in December (2019 – that would be cheating), here they are after having listed to and read quite a few.

Five 2019 predictions

1. There won’t be a general election following the vote on Theresa May’s Brexit Deal (this evening). I expect JC will go for a vote of no confidence in the Government, but he’ll be defeated. Uncertainty will continue for some time (even after the 3 days deadline). When Brexit happens, this will cause the wheels to fall off on the basic links that hold the EU together at present. When this will happen will be over the next 5 years.

2. Apple will buy Netflix. Apple is falling behind in the content curation stakes and Netflix is spending an unsustainable $4bn per quarter on generating content. Hardware manufacturer with slimmer differentiating points. What to do? Adding Netflix would give them recurring income. Alternatively, a loyalty programme could be introduced in a campaign to bolster sales after disappointing iPhone X sales.

3. Thinking about Amazon, it will become the 3rd biggest place to advertise in 2019, after Google (currently 37% of all advertising) and Facebook (around 20%). Amazon has purchase history and also price sensitivity data – both very valuable to advertisers. This will be explosive growth for Amazon which currently has just 4% of advertising revenue. 

4. Many are predicting an economic slowdown. I think we’ll see a 100 point increase in interest rates and this will cause some corporate debt insolvencies (more so in the States than the UK). But this will not translate in to a full blown recession – not in 2019 but more likely in 2020. The corporate debt issue will cause great pain to banks and we will see consolidation within the banking sector.

5. We will see LinkedIn continue to grow as THE main new B2B lead generation. I’ll write more about this in a separate blog.

I’d love to hear what your predictions are before the end of January – and lets see what happens.