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LinkedIn Lead Generation

Video 3

Here is video 3 in our video series about LinkedIn Lead Generation.

Find out the best way to invite someone to connect. We use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to do advanced searches in our target market. This helps us to do advanced search techniques and really hone down your target by geography, industry sector, size of business etc. You can search either for “Leads” or for particular companies which Sales Navigator calls “Accounts”. In some cases, we don’t limit our search to LinkedIn and recommend you use Facebook instead – or indeed any other social media platform.

The process on Facebook is pretty much the same as LinkedIn. So, if your target market is more likely to “hang out” on Facebook than LinkedIn, then we would recommend you do your marketing there to start off with.

Ultimately, because all social media is always changing, we recommend you really put yourself out there on multiple platforms – including but not limited to Instagram and Twitter.