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We specialise in helping busy founders and entrepreneurs exit their business. There are many reasons why a business owner would choose to do so. They could be planning to retire, wanting to buy a new business, wishing to take some cash off the table with a partial exit. Whatever your reasons for considering The Pros Group to help you, we’re confident we’ve probably dealt with the issues facing you. Between us, the founders have over 50 years of experience in the City, in SME’s, in buying, selling and lending to businesses. What this means is, we know what makes a business ‘investment ready’ – from your point of view – ready to sell.

To become ready to sell, we look at several key areas of your business.

1. Do you have a management team that can run the business without you?

2. Do you have a business plan, providing the benchmark for your valuation?

3. Have you protected all your assets, in terms of copyright, patents and trademarks?

4. Is there a clear pathway to growth making your business attractive to incomeing investors?

There are more, but they’re the main ones


What We Do

We use our expertise in human and financial strategy to identify what makes your business attractive to an investor. Then we work with you to increase the value so that when you come to sell, the cash in your pocket is the most it can be.


Our Approach

We follow three steps leading up to a transaction. Our ‘Clarity Day’ is a day out of the office to laser focus you on the outcomes. Then we do roadmap, which explains the steps you need to take running up to a sale. Then there is a detailed exit plan to see you through the transaction and beyond.


Our Mission

We help business owners who don’t want somebody coming in to their business and destroying all their hard work. We work with them to enhance the value ahead of selling the business by focusing on getting the people and the finance aligned and headed towards the sale. We maximise the sale value.

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Years Of Experience

Our Founders

Matthew Broadbent

Matthew is a Deloitte trained Chartered Accountant. A past Chairman of the Regional Strategy Board in the West Midlands Chartered Accountants and a private investor. He has used his and other’s funding to invest and raise investment in 12 different businesses.

Sector expertise is wide ranging. Tourism, construction, marketing, fast food retail, fashion wholesale and retail. In the waste industry he ran the Waste and Resources Action Programme’s investment and loan funds which was UK government money being used in high risk, early stage technology waste and energy investments. He was pivotal in numerous multi-million pound waste reprocessing investments including a JV with Coca Cola. 

He also mentors small business owners, helping them to start up and thrive. The main purpose of The Pros Group though is to help business owners exit their business and move on to pastures new. 

Neil Hughes

Neil started life as a trader in the City of London. But this was only the beginning.

At 30, he was MD in a successful City executive search business. ‘Search’ is cumbersome and labour intensive which limits it to the most senior roles. He reinvented it and started a business based on workflow technology which cut 120 hours out of the traditional 250+. It made ‘proper’ headhunting feasible for mid-management and professional, trebled productivity, and won instant acclaim with multinational oil and engineering services businesses.

In 2008, he did the same for recruitment as he did for headhunting and grew a start-up in to a multi-million pound Recruitment Process Outsourcing business.

He now uses the skills he acquired in corporate, together with a healthy dose of entrepreneurial flair, helping SME’s achieve enhanced valuations.

Our History

The Pros Group was started in 2014 after Matthew left the waste industry. Having invested UK Government money in numerous waste reduction and recycling projects he came to the conclusion that many SME’s needed high level financial resource and strategy, but not all the time. He therefore offered part-time finance director services to SME’s.

Usually, there was a reason SME owners needed help. It might have been a fund raising exercise or a business sale. It could have been a turnaround. With a network of over 200 FD’s across the UK, the business had the capability to provide different resources to suit different scenarios.

Neil joined Matthew in 2018. They had been at school together and with Neil the business was able to offer the second business pillar to SME owners – people strategy.

With a combination of finance and people skills the business is now well placed to help business founders exit their business but at an enhanced value through careful financial planning and skillful senior management team design. 


We cover the whole of the UK from two offices. One in Oxfordshire near Chipping Norton and the other from our Northern offices in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.