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Are you a business leader, owner or professional who is feeling overloaded, stressed or just stuck in a rut? Unsure how to break free? We help you create the space to explore your best way forward with a unique combination of reflective coaching whilst walking along Spain’s beautiful and spiritual Camino Way.

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Coronavirus Update

What We're VIRTUALLY Doing

Our walking and coaching tours take place in Galicia, Spain. Spain is currently in lockdown and is likely to be that way for some time to come. Our thoughts are with the Spanish people.


We have cancelled our June departure. It may be possible to do September if travel restrictions are lifted. We’ll keep an eye on this.


For those who booked June or September, if you wish you can cancel and receive a full refund. Alternatively, you can move your booking to a future date.


We’re thinking carefully about the services we can provide. CLUE – You’re allowed outside for exercise once a day and we have video conferencing.


We’ll keep you updated, either by email or through this website, so please check what’s going on here.


Most importantly






“In the 4 days of walking, you will have more time and space to reflect than you may have allowed yourself over the last 4 years.”

You’ve been running your business or your department for years. It’s been a tough path, with many steep hills to climb. You’ve been pushing yourself hard. Long hours, late nights, taking work home at weekends. Maybe you have become a workaholic; not looked after yourself as well as you should have, mentally or physically. You’re stressed and often wonder what it is really all about.

You feel like you just need to Escape! Take some time out to release the pressure; let go and relax. Re-fresh your mind and re-fuel your body. Stimulate some positive change in your life and business.

Come and walk with us. Enjoy some peace and tranquility along with some expert help to reflect and review where you find yourself and what you most want to come your Way.

re-discover yourself


Our journey takes from the famous Santiago De Compostela, along country and coastal paths, through villages, farms and small towns to Finisterre, and the Lighthouse, known as the end of the World.

The Camino Finisterre is a ~ 90km trail that enables a feeling of completion; an end point. A place to fully ‘let go’ of that which no longer serves, returning with a fresh, new perspective, after an enriching adventure.

route details

Travel to Spain

  • Airports – we recommend you fly to La Coruna (airport code LCG). We will meet you at the airport and there will be a minibus to take you to Santiago.
  • You can fly to Santiago (SCQ), although flights are limited and times are not ideal for the walking schedule
  • We start from Santiago de Compostela. This is the capital of the autonomous community of Galicia, in northwestern Spain. The city has its origin in the shrine of Saint James the Great, now the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, as the destination of the Way of St. James, a leading Catholic pilgrimage route since the 9th century – now known as Camino de Santiago.

Day 1 - Santiago to Negreira - 21km

Today you begin your very own journey along Camino de Santiago! The scallop shell, often found on the shores in Galicia, has long been the symbol of the Camino de Santiago – and you’ll see signs a plenty.

Your route for this trip is the lesser known prolongation of the walk after Santiago de Compostela, which continues to the coast and meets the Atlantic Ocean at Finisterre before finishing in Muxia.

You will leave Santiago behind as you enter rural Galicia with its gentle green hills, rivers and forests.

Day 2 - Negreira to Mazaricos - 26km

After Breakfast you start your walk again through little hamlets and lovely rural countryside. Not seeing the coast yet but getting closer to it.

Mazaricos is famous for its Galician dishes and other activities like fishing. The granite peaks surround the town. These are Runa (641m), Aro (561m), Pedroso (504m), Montes das Paxareiras (560m), and the foothills of Monte Pindo, (nearly 700m).

Day 3 - Mazaricos to Corcubion - 28km

Today you continue your walk and arrive at the coast at the town of Cee first and then to Corcubion just a little way further.

White sandy beaches abound and superb fish and traditional Galician sea food are the area’s culinary highlights.

Day 4 - Corcubion to Finisterre - 20km

This includes the walk to the lighthouse and back.

The origin of the pilgrimage to Finisterre is not certain. However, it is believed to date from pre-Christian times  was a place to see the last sun of the day. The tradition continued in medieval times, when “hospitals” were established to cater for pilgrims along the route from Santiago de Compostela.

The town of Finisterre is a beautiful fishing port. Carry on a further 3km and you reach the lighthouse which is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic’s waters. It was known as the Edge of the World in days of old, although in fact it is not the most westerly point on the coastline.

Finisterre was the former name of the current FitzRoy sea area used in the UK Shipping Forecast. In 2002, it was renamed FitzRoy – in honour of the founder of the Met Office – to avoid confusion with the smaller sea area of the same name featuring in the marine forecasts produced by the French and Spanish meteorological offices. 

Day 5 - Onward travel / homeward bound

After an early breakfast in Finisterre, you’ll be taken by group minibus back to La Coruna for your homeward bound journey to the UK.

A typical

Walk, Eat, Reflect, Sleep, Repeat.

Early breakfast

Daily reflection guidance from your coach

Silent walking – 2 hours of complete peace

Refreshments and rest at a local taverna

Refection sharing in pairs

Pilgrim lunch – Take the weight off your feet

Pair up or walk & talk with your coach or mentor

Afternoon break at a local taverna

Silent walking to finish the day

Downtime – write in your journal, have a read or take a nap

Early evening discussion over tapas drinks.

Dinner (socialise if you wish) and then bed.

Is this for me?

If you want a catalyst for change, an escape from day to day pressures, the space and support to walk things through, this is the way.

Are you…

Fit and able to walk the above distances over 4 consecutive days?

Willing to turn off your phone whilst you walk and reflect?

Prepared to share a twin room with a same sex colleague? This will not happen all the time; only when availability is scarce.


Airport Transfer

  • We’ll meet you at La Coruna and have group transport arranged to take you to our first destination. Santiago de Compostela.
  • We’ll arrange a minibus to take you from Finisterre back to the airport on the day of departure.


  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast included
  • Single rooms when available (it is possible you have to share)
  • Evening pilgrim’s meal with a tasty glass of something

Bags Transferred

No need to lug your luggage around with you. We take care of your luggage transfer between accommodation for you.


We have designed a reflective coaching programme to help to guide your thinking as you walk the Camino Finisterre. We will ask you to set some Pre-Camino outcomes and create post Camino steps.

On the way we will encourage some reading and journal writing to stimulate insight. Each day there will be a reflective morning set up, some individual time walking anything you want through, with either the coach or the mentor and some group evening discussion.

This style of coaching will help you to gain a deeper perspective and see the bigger picture for yourself. You will be letting go of the daily to do list and giving yourself space to re discover what is important.
Any specific business-related questions can be asked, and help offered either during or after this trip as appropriate.

The experience will enable you to hear your intuition and take heed.

For more details about your Guides – Click the link below for our profiles:

Jackie Jarvis The Walking Business Coach
Matthew Broadbent The Business Mentor

Other bits and pieces

  • Pre-trip preparation, ensuring you plan to get the most out of the experience.
  • Recommended kit list
  • A journal for your notes and reflections
  • Go Slow To Grow” – book to aid reflection by your coach, Jackie Jarvis
  • Pilgrim passport and Camino Finisterre official certificate at the end of your walk.
  • Follow up with a guide after your trip at a date of your choosing.

not included

  • Travel to and from Spain.
  • Lunches, snacks and drinks.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Personal equipment (travel documentation will include a kit list).
  • Taxis / transport if you need to skip a day’s walking.

YOur Guides

Your guides for this trip are experienced entrepreneurs. Jackie is The Walking Business Coach, and founder of Natural Netwalking. Matthew is founder of The Pros Group, an investor and business mentor.

Jackie jarvis

Coach and Guide

matthew broadbent

Mentor and Guide

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This trip is subject to a minimum of 6 participants in the group and a maximum of 12.

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