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Let's talk about Jackie

Jackie has worked with and been part of the success story of many ambitious business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs whom she has helped to enjoy a richer business and happier life. 

With over 20 years’ experience in business herself, a high-pressure career in sales, management and marketing working in both the corporate and SMB environments, Jackie is familiar what can happen if you just keep on pushing with no let up.

Having suffered from overload and overthinking herself she found walking in nature to be her saviour. 

Having walked over 2,000 miles of the Camino Routes to Santiago De Compostela she now takes a Solo Camino each year as her personal reset.  Her Camino walking inspired her book Go Slow to Grow and prompted her to introduce walking into her business coaching work to help her clients.

Her aim now is to #getmorebusinesspeoplewalking enjoying the positive mental, physical and relationship building benefits it can bring.

As the Walking Business Coach, she helps busy, overloaded business owners and entrepreneurs create the space to think, reflect and make plans.

She is one of the founders of Natural Netwalking, the healthier way to network, combining doing business with fresh air and exercise.

And as a best-selling author her books include: Go Slow to Grow (2nd Edition of the original In Pursuit of Slow) Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing and co-author of Sales Genius#1, and My Camino Walk #1.

Jackie loves walking, writing and sharing important insights that we can all benefit from. 

Let's talk about Matthew

Matthew is a Chartered Accountant and has been working in commerce since he qualified in 1992.

He became MD of an SME tour operator selling 30,000 breaks per year to Europe and the States.

In the early naughties, he sold that business and became a private investor, investing in either early stage or turnaround projects – with some success.

Matthew’s main business now is to help SME business owners either grow or sell their businesses (or both). He does this through The Pros Group with his business partner, Neil Hughes.

The Pros Group is a little unique in that it is multidisciplinary. It specialises in financial and people strategies – the two main building blocks in any business.

My main aim in life is to own a thriving business where the people who work for me create most of the value. To do otherwise is just to own a ‘job’ and to carry all the business risk at the same time – what’s the point of that?”

walking business coach and the pros group

Jackie and Matthew have worked together in several different ways over the last 6 years. They have referred each other, shared knowledge, been in the same mastermind group, Jackie was even Matthew’s Business coach for a while. Realising that they shared similar values, had always wanted to find a way to combine their relative strengths to create a venture that could be delivered as a partnership. It wasn’t until they found themselves at the same meditation group that they realised they also shared the same passion for Business Escape!

Jackie has an idea inspired by her long-distance Camino Hiking and needed a partner to help her bring it to life! All the dots connected. The perfect Joint Venture.

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