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How to Get New Business

There is relatively little proper advice or training on how to get clients. It’s generally a trial and error process to see what works for your particular occupation. I’ve been in my current business for 4 years and have cracked a code that can be used to generate new customers.

I’ve decided to pass that code on to you so that you can generate your own customers.


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To get more clients, position yourself as an expert in the minds of your prospects. Speak the language of your prospects and not the language of yourself. Talking about yourself isn’t interesting to prospects, but talking about their problems and what the outcomes are, once the problem is solved – that is a breath of fresh air.

 Teach them something valuable that helps them immediately. Something that reframes the way they think, that gets them results. This way you come across as an expert.

There are two things will set you up as an expert

  • position yourself as an expert
  • teach them something valuable

 If you can teach them something valuable, then immediately you’ll come across as an expert. If you’re an expert you’ll attract clients. If you are seriously ill with a particular affliction, who would you go to, a general practitioner or a surgeon with an expertise in your particular illness?

You need to operate in a niche. Your marketing needs to be compelling and strong. Talk in the sort of language that really relates to them. i.e. in the form of the results that you’ve achieved and in a way that’s compelling.

 Be specific. A lot of people say they help SME’s. This is far too general. How can you sell yourself as an expert in SME’s – it’s too broad.

 Instead of talking about your services, talk about the results that you can get for your prospects. Here are some examples…

 Example A: I’m an expert in measuring project profitability in construction businesses and as such I can increase your profitability through the insight this gives by 50% OR

 Example B: I’m an expert in employee engagement in the restaurant industry and I can increase your employee retention rates by 25%, improve productivity by at least 10% and reduce your recruitment costs by 75%.

 The claims sound bold and strong, yet if you know you can achieve them because you’re an expert in the area, then clients will take you seriously and give you testimonials and case studies once you’ve delivered.

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