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How to Open Doors with Lead Generation in 2019

It’s good to know the theory though and so I thought I would share this article written by Greg Linnermanstons from Weidert which talks about 2007 and 2019 and the difference in business development strategies for B2B Professional Services companies between those two dates.

lead generation

B2B Professionals working as consultants know that they need to invest time and effort in to raising awareness about themselves to their prospects. However, they don’t have the time (and sometimes the resources) to do this effectively.

 Of note is the comment about relying on 2007 methodolgies and expecting the same result. Those methodologies being:

  • Referrals from my network (great and often few and far between)
  • Cold calling (not dead, and frankly I’d rather make warm calls, wouldn’t you?)
  • Attending events (yes you meet people face to face, yet are they ready to buy now, would they would buy from you on the strength of a card swap and what is the cost of this type of sale given the amount of time you have to invest in attending, follow up meetings etc.)

 The message was, if you use the top 6 strategies from 2007 you’re leaving 76% of potential business to other people. That ought to be a big wake up call.

 Of course, you can’t commit to all of their suggested strategies if you work on your own. But certainly you can take their advice when they say a) have a USP, b) know your market and the persona of your prospect c) have a content strategy (and yes, this includes video!) d) make referrals easy and e) use technology to automate tasks so the repetitive stuff can be done at low cost without your involvement on a consistent basis.

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 Please let me know what you think of this article and what you’d like to see in the future.