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Three service levels, all dependent on where you’re at in your journey

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* If you choose to work with us on multiple social media platforms, then these prices can vary, depending on how much time you wish to be spent on each and exactly what you want us to do. Some customers are asking about building their personal brand and this would involve working on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as LinkedIn.



Frequently Asked Questions


Typically, if takes between 1 & 2 days to contact around 500 prospects on LinkedIn and then we write to them all on a regular basis over ~ 3 months. We expect between 25%-35% of connection requests to turn in to contacts in your LI network and approximately 5-15% to turn in to leads. 

what if i'm unhappy with your service?

We would hope you are delighted by our attention to detail and if for some reason you have cause for concern, we’d hope you would talk to us and give us the opportunity to overcome any challenges. If, you are still not satisfied, we would give you a 100% refund of your last month’s subscription. You keep your new contacts on LinkedIn and all the knowledge you have gained from our sales training and webinars, no questions asked.

can i monitor progress?

Yes, all LinkedIn activity is through your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account (which you must have as a condition of our service, otherwise we’ll not be able to connect in the necessary volumes due to commercial limits imposed by LinkedIn). In addition, you’ll also have access to our worksheet, showing which connection has received what message and on what date. So, our service is totally transparent.

why such large variations on the conversion percentages?

Some targets will be very focused and possibly very niche. Given the right market conditions, other things going on in the world (e.g. Brexit), conversion of a focused market ought to be high. Others will be very generalised. A general market tends to result in a less clear message and offering, resulting in lower conversion.

How do I pay?

We issue an invoice and you pay this, either online by credit card or by bank transfer. Once we have received payment, we’ll start to deliver that month’s services to you.

I'm uncomfortable paying up front?

Our service is unique in that it is low cost, you can cancel it at any time and there is no large up front payment and no ongoing commission for work that you win. You have an alternative, however. Competition invariably asks for up front payments of around £5k-12k and then charges you a commission on your gross of anything from 20% to 40%. So, 2 days per week on a daily rate of £1,200 could cost you in the region of £50,000 a year in money you could retain under The Pros Group’s system. We use your subscription to pay for our people to do the lead generation which is a manual process. We have to commit to paying our people up front, so we need your commitment too.

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