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Lead Generation – How to Build a Prospect Persona

When I first started out, I was pretty scattergun in my approach to marketing. As a part-time FD, I thought I was all things to all SME’s. Really? I hear you ask. So am I. And that’s the problem. I was a “me too”. I got clients I didn’t want (because I didn’t really know how to best serve them) and only sometimes did I get clients I did want.

prospect persona

Added to this, did you know that nowadays, before a buyer makes a decision, they’re likely to have gone through a process, either on purpose or subliminally? So, if you’re going to look attractive to the buyer, you’re going to need to look “right” for them. And that means that when you write anything, when you post any kind of content, when you update your profiles on social media – you need to talk in your target market’s language. That’s great I hear you say, but how do I know what to write? The starting point is to be very (very) clear on the person or persons you’re trying to catch in your sales funnel. How do I make sure I’m being clear? The answer, I think is in the following article:


You’re aiming for an industry that you have some expertise in. You’re aiming for the size of company that may be in need of your particular services. Ideally they should have a need for your services long term and last but not least, they need to have the budget to pay you. So already…. there’s lots more useful info.

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