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is it time to

sell your business?

Are you a company founder or business owner? Do you feel ready for new adventures? Have you successfully grown your business and grown out of love with it? Do you wonder what life would be like after you have discovered the best way to sell your business? If so, click the arrow.

we are entrepreneurs

…who have made mistakes and suffered setbacks – and we’ll say it how it is

we will stop someone else

… coming in to your business and destroying all your hard work and success – it’s happened to us and we know how it feels

we only work with business owners

… in privately held companies, earning more than £250,000 and have cash on their balance sheet, who are ready to move on and – with their other half – are looking for new horizons

our process

1. Clarity Day

It starts with a day out of the office to get clarity on your exit objectives.

Using an independent facilitator, we work closely with you to find out what’s important. After the Clarity Day you’ll be laser focused on what needs to happen before you sell and what and how you want your business exit to go through.

3. Full Plan

Fail to plan and you plan to fail.

A detailed exit plan covering the management team, the finances, the due diligence pack compilation, the recruiting of the professional team of advisors to ensure the transaction runs smoothly and at minimum cost to you.

We cover all these points (and more) in our exit plan.

2. Roadmap

An outline plan, setting out all the major milestones ahead of the sale. If you’ve given yourself enough time and you have the skills in house, you’ll then set to work on the milestones and be ready for sale when you wish to exit. This will culminate in a detailed exit plan.

4. Execution

We’ll explain where we can assist, what the costs are and if you wish, execute the whole plan for you.