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I love satisfied customers and thank you Nigel for sending us the following testimonial:-

I have very much enjoyed working with The Pros Group (TPG). I was a little hesitant at first: whilst I could see how they might help it felt like a lot of money. However, it’s surpassed expectations: TPG talks about a minimum of 5% of contacts turn in to meetings / calls and I’ve got over 11% and we’re still in the process.

TPG takes care to say the right thing on your profile so that when someone views it, it feels like you are dealing with your customers’ problems. This certainly seems to have gained more interest than focussing solely of features and benefits or a list of achievements.

The whole process isn’t “salesy” at all. My messages going to my contacts are in my language written in a way that I feel comfortable with. It’s about building relationships with your target market.

TPG doe a lot of the process and all of the search work for you. As we progress, calls with TPG continue to add value. They help me keep focussed on customer relationship management and think of new ideas and expand horizons when thinking about how to increase traction with my target market.

Most people I have spoken to require guidance as to how to engage a network through social media and help with execution. I would recommend TPG to family, friends and colleagues.

Can’t get much better than that!

Thanks again Nigel